Activate Youtube from – activate youtube on any device such as smart tv, Apple TV, roku, playstation, xbox and other streaming media players using youtube activation code at YouTube is a popular video sharing platform that allows people to upload, view, and share their videos. It can be accessed from almost any computing device as long as the device has an internet connection

What is youtube activation code?

When you sign in to youtube app on smart tv or other device, your device displayes 8 digit code. This is the youtube activation code which is used to activate youtube.

How to activate youtube from

  1. Open youtube application on your tv or any other device.
    • Click on sign in button using remote.
  2. A Youtube activation code will appear on your screen
    • Note down the activation code carefully
  3. Open internet browser in your pc or mobile
  4. You will be asked to enter youtube activation code
    • Enter your email and password to sign in to youtube.
    • Enter youtube activation code
    • Click accept or agree on terms and conditions
  5. You’ll see the confirmation screen in the app.

How to create a new account on Youtube?

When you try to sign in to youtube, you need a google account. To create youtube account:

  1. Open your web browser and type :
  2. Click on sign in button
  3. Click on add account option
    • Enter your email
    • Enter your password
  4. You have successfully created and signed in to youtube account.

Create a new youtube account (Already signed in)

  1. Open youtube application in your device
  2. Click on account option.
  3. Click on switch account option
  4. Add a new account using email and password.

Support for Youtube activation:

Youtube activation process is very easy. You just need to have a valid youtube code to enter at But sometimes, you may face some issues during activation process like: unable to get activation code, activation code is not valid, other errors. At that time, you can contact to youtube support team. Youtube support team is 24*7 available to help you and resolve all your issues.